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Shine On!

Your home will shine with metallic fabric and wallpaper!

Add instant glamour to your home! Metallic fabric and wallpaper add a polished look and a luminous feel to any room that gets hints of sunshine and light, or rooms with romantic lighting.

Excellent as either flowing drapery, upholstery, or as a glistening accent, metallic fabric creates an ambiance of elegance and finesse. Embellish your home with these fantastic metallic fabric and wallpaper selections.

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From Our Blog: "All That Glitters Gold"

Kravet's Got the Gold

Contemporary and chic, Kravet's Couture Modern Accents is an embroidery collection with superb metallic threaded patterns. The "30263-1" is a sterling embroidered fabric with silver rings and clasps, perfect for luscious drapery in a living room or even as an accent pillow. By contrast, Kravet's "9652-1" is free spirited, with metal embroideries whipping across an off white linen base. As exciting as it is attractive, this multipurpose fabric can be used for myriad design projects.

Ralph Lauren Luxuries

Ralph Lauren's Luxury Naturals II is a unique take on natural textures. Along with fabulous bamboo threaded fabrics and elaborate twines, Ralph Lauren's "Tate Gilded - Gold" (LFY63053F) is a truly remarkable piece. A loosely woven drapery fabric, this Italian-made linen uses gold threads to create a natural sheen. Tate Gilded also comes in Silver (LFY60075F) for a light, glittery sparkle. For a heavier material, the "Edith Metallic Tweed - Umber" (LFY64310F) uses woven bamboo and linen tweed to create a rougher, more natural texture. The intermittent threads of gold throughout the fabric makes this piece stand out in candlelight.

Schumacher Gets Glamorous

Schumacher's Modern Glamour fabric and wallpaper is a very luxurious, contemporary collection. These abstract patterns include the "Wavelength - Sandstone" (63700) which has large vertical waves of embroidered gold, enunciated by a boundary of frilly golden threads. See this pattern in Aqua (63702) and Pebble (63701) for more inspiration. With soft gold, silver and emerald designs, the "Katsura Lampas - Platinum" (54072)is a scenic piece deriving from Japanese influence. A multipurpose fabric with a very large repeat, this charming scene of doves, flowers and trees would look gorgeous on a sofa or love seat. Coordinate these fabrics with Schumacher's extensive and lavish Modern Glamour Wallpaper collection.

Phillip Jeffries' Metallic Wallcoverings

Phillip Jeffries' brand new collection "Color Source - Metallic" is a combination of rivets, geometrics, paper weaves and grasscloths that gleam and sparkle. Among their most popular designs, the "Rivets - Copper on Elephant" (PJ 5709) uses raised copper colored ink to create sophisticated geometric patterns and a fascinating texture.

Modern and exotic, their Zebra Grass is a collection of vertical textured wallcovering of natural grass woven atop glistening backgrounds. "Iced Latte" (PJ 3311) and "Iced Cappuccino" (PJ 3312) reflect beautifully and add a spark of flair to any room in your home.