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Going 'Green' on

St. Patrick's Day!


Check Out These New Lines of 'Eco-Chic' Designs!

St. Patrick's Day may not be the most responsibly celebrated holiday, but that doesn't mean you can't be socially responsible when planning your next fabric or wallpaper project! DecoratorsBest is committed to corporate citizenship from our own offices to the manufacturers we sell. Let's all pledge to go green this St Patrick's Day with these eco-chic fabrics and wallcoverings from our favorite manufacturers.

Manufacturers have been making great strides in "going green" in recent years. Whether it's using recycled polyesters and cottons, organically grown and renewable fibers, or even sending out reusable envelopes with memo samples, our top designers are at the forefront of a meaningful and responsible movement within the fabric and wallpaper industry. And please, don't print this newsletter.

Green Maufacturers:

Kravet | Robert Allen | Schumacher | Duralee | Phillip Jeffries | Fabricut

Eco-Friendly Fabric and Wallpaper at DecoratorsBest

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From Our Blog: "It's Easy Being Green at DecoratorsBest"

Eco-Chic Wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries

Phillip Jeffries was eco-chic before it was chic! Since 1976 they have provided rapidly renewable natural grass wallcoverings which are biodegradable and backed by 85-100% post-consumer recycled paper. Among their most popular wallcoverings include Manila Hemp, a sustainable and renewable hemp product, and their biodegradable Madagascar Raffia grasscloth. Certified by the third-party US Green Council, Phillip Jeffries is the leader in the natural design community.

Left to right: PJ 5110 | PJ 5268 | PJ 5122

Read Phillip Jeffries' Pledge to Go Green Here

Kravet's Earth Friendly Pledge

Kravet's green pledge is to "Reuse – Recycle – Redecorate." Made of 100% recycled polyester, the fabrics from Kravet's Green Collection are woven, treated, and dyed by only environmentally approved chemicals. Kravet has five stunning eco- friendly books to choose from: Crypton Green, Eco-Friendly Ultrasuede, Fire, Earth and Ocean.

Left to right:
K 30798-315 | K 30787-313 | K 30163-523

Read Kravet's Pledge to Go Green Here


'Terra' Collection

Schumacher's Terra Collection (Terra of course being the Latin word for Earth) is committed to being green by using natural and renewable materials including bamboo, organic cotton, jute and linen. Produced using responsible manufacturing processes, Terra's fabrics and wallpapers are sustainable as they are spectacular! With contemporary geometrics, bold stripes and classic plaids, Terra is the perfect choice for your next eco-chic design project.

Left to right:
Sch 62403 | Sch 62480 | Sch 62440

Read Schumacher's Pledge to Go Green Here

Robert Allen Goes Green

Robert Allen features two eco-friendly collections. Evolution is a dark, more earth-toned collection while and Pure Style is a lighter collection of paisleys, contemporary florals and stripes with many patterns made of 100% organically grown cotton.

Left to right:
RA Eco Ohno - Willow | RA Eco Nod - Willow | RA Eco Finity - Willow

Read Robert Allen' Pledge to Go Green Here



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