If you’re seeking somewhere to start when it comes to renovating your home’s style, start with one of the most important rooms in the house and look to 2021’s design trends to update your bathroom. The restroom, with the right décor, can be an opportunity to escape to a luxury spa without ever leaving the front door.

A Splash of Green(ery)

With all shades of green offering up a natural soothing effect, it makes sense that greenery, from beautiful floral design wallpaper to hefty indoor monstera plants, is becoming a big bathroom trend after a stress-filled year. Paired with stark, solid whites, plant imagery cultivates the feel of an at-home spa that offers escape to both those living a life at home and those returning from work.

Bold Walls

Graphic walls turn a delicate space into a confident area. With designs ranging from simple patterns to ornate shows of color, a bold choice of wallpaper can build on minimalist bathroom décor and bring a bit of luxury, too.

Light Wood

Pale wood or faux wood floors mix the feeling of a natural, neutral space and a pristine one. Though quiet compared to the rest of the trends on this list, pale wood makes bolder design choices truly stand out while giving the bathroom the same sense of clean comfort that white tile offers.

Grandeur Fixtures

Bathrooms are not excluded from the overall trend of including statement pieces on your person or in the home. Lighting fixtures are switching from simple bulbs and bars to literal chandeliers or studio-worthy backlit mirrors.

Take redesigning your bathroom as an opportunity to really treat yourself this year and go all in with changing this purely functional space into the luxurious one you deserve. Following these design trends to update your bathroom is certain to impress your returning guests and create an oasis for your family at the same time.