Now that remote work is giving our co-workers a sneak peek into our homes during video calls, it’s the perfect time to restyle our sets and create professional, stylish spaces that we’re proud to show off. One great way to polish your home is to add depth to your décor. Using a mix of patterns and textures in your home can increase the visual size of a space and give your room’s style a sense of completion.

Neutral Meets Bold

In the same way that a luxurious gold tone pairs with a stark white, bringing bold colors and designs to a neutral-toned space can create the perfect match. Using striped home décor fabric or other patterned materials in your pillows or rugs and pairing them with solid, pale tones turns the bolder items into statement pieces. Patterned wallpapers with subtle furniture can bring an entire room to life. Deep, rich colors in patterns are ideal when paired with neutral tones, as pastels and neutrals give a spring feeling that may not feel right year-round.

Monotone Sets

There’s no shame in using your room as a chance to celebrate your favorite color. Collecting furniture that is all one tone in various patterns brings a modern feel to a space that mixes a love of eccentricity and minimalism. Pair wisely, though! A striped pillow may match the color of a swirly rug, but angular and curved patterns may not look great together in the context of the entire room. If you’re looking to redesign your space, try to imagine the final project as you consider each addition.

Focal Points and Accents

The risk you run when incorporating mixed patterns into an indoor space is designing a room that is ultimately too loud. Ways to reduce visual noise include creating focal points and taking advantage of design accents. Focal points are stand-out pieces of décor positioned in the room to help lead the viewer’s eye. A large painting paired with patterns or a white couch in a monotone color room help make sense of visual noise and lead you, or your guests, to the center of the space.

Accents on décor that match the bolder colors in a room also do great work to lessen the chaos by tying the set together. If the main color of your room is a deep garnet red, a chair with rivets in the same jewel tone can connect the pieces. If an accent color exists in a louder pattern, such as gold on a leafy wallpaper, you may want to use gold as the connecting color between your pieces to create a more subtle effect.

These easy ways to mix patterns and textures in your home are purposefully open. Every space is different, from lightening to size to function, and multiple factors matter when it comes to making a room that looks and feels good. While you should wield boldness with caution, don’t be afraid to consider using patterns to create a room that you’re proud to display!