Styling a home around functionality and beauty instead of excess can prevent some problems. It can create a space that doesn’t feel lived in—as if the owner has just moved in, or even worse as if they just moved out. You can take steps to prevent your home from feeling impersonal without sacrificing the benefits of minimalism or the company you’d like to welcome in. Here are our main tips on how to add warmth to a minimalist space.

Warm Lighting

A significant aspect of a room’s mood is its lighting. Blue lights, which are typical in grocery stores or medical offices, can have a cold effect on the light colors minimalist rooms tend to have. To create a more welcoming appearance, use warm light from incandescent bulbs which range in color from light yellow to deep orange. In the same way that fireplaces create a cozy at-home experience, warm lights capture the fireside glow and bring relaxation to the entire living space.


Avoid medical, stark whites when choosing furniture, décor, and fabrics for around your minimalist home. Such colors will make rooms feel cold and impersonal. Even if you prefer the aesthetic of a crisp apartment with few loud colors, diving into different tones of white and bringing some colors into your home further—such as grey or tan—can create a more welcoming environment.

Texture Through Textiles

Textures can cut through the smooth and polished finish that sometimes comes with purposefully empty spaces. Textured fabrics give a sense of life and occupancy to a room without the visual noise or bulk of rustic wooden furniture. For instance, gray fur blankets, heavy knitted throws, or luxury fabric curtains with visible texture add significantly to a room’s appeal without imposing on a minimalist style.

Minimalism is centered around deliberate choices and understanding the function of every item you hold onto. Whether you’re looking to create a space that feels more like home for yourself or more welcoming for your guests, knowing how to add warmth to a minimalist space will help you create dramatic, purposeful changes in your home’s atmosphere.