When it’s frigid outside, staying in a warm cabin can be exceptionally comforting. While you may not have a visit to a cabin in your plans, you can use its distinctive look to inspire how you style your home. Bringing in rustic features will simultaneously impart your interior with an approachable character and help to make it more relaxing to dwell in day to day. This is chiefly important currently because so many people are spending more time than ever at home. Given this context, it’s no wonder why the cabincore aesthetic is at the forefront of this year’s home décor trends. When other aspects of life may feel prone to disarray, the earnest familiarity of cabincore provides a soothing antidote. Here’s how to decorate your home to feel like a cozy cabin.

Emphasize Natural Structural Materials

Although they’re human-made structures, cabins have a close connection to nature because of the prominence of natural materials in their designs. If you want to make your modern home feel more reminiscent of one, you should therefore emphasize those kinds of materials. Wood, stone, and metal are apt choices. You can incorporate wood through flooring and thick ceiling beams. Let the organic graining patterns and deep brown hues shine by leaving the wood unpainted. Stone is perfect for fireplaces and wall accents that compliment wood effortlessly while adding some texture to a room. To have a quality of slight sleekness as an accompaniment to the irregular patterns on wood and stone, you could use metal in your light fixtures, railings, and appliances. Black cast iron or metals with a similar appearance work especially well in cabincore.

Go With Homey and Vintage Furniture Pieces

Populating your rooms with homey and vintage furniture pieces will deepen the comfy atmosphere of your house. Pieces that have a lived-in feel can be more inviting than perfectly smooth and minimalistic furniture because they don’t seem overly delicate. In other words, they put you at ease when you sit in them or use them. You might find such pieces from secondhand stores and flea markets or upcycle old furniture that you receive from family members. New furniture can also give off the appropriate mood if you know what to look for. Wooden and stone chairs and tables with rough edges are great in cabincore rooms. Leather is another suitable option because its colors and textures fall right in line with those details in wood and stone, though leather has a suppleness that sets it apart.

Curate a Palette of Rich Woodland Colors

Cabins and forests go hand-in-hand, so it should come as no surprise that you’ll want to curate a palette of rich woodland colors when aiming for a cabincore aesthetic. The normal colors of your wood, stone, metal, and leather elements will set a firm neutral foundation for you to work with. Supplement them with burgundy, cardinal red, beige, bottle green and various shades of blue. Combined with the orange glow of your lights, the nutty browns of your wood and leather, and the grays and blacks of your stone and metal, these hues will coalesce to form a sumptuous, yet down-to-earth style. In truth, this collection of colors can conjure up images of cabin tranquility even when presented apart from markedly woodsy furnishings and decorations.

Center Your Arrangements Around a Fireplace

Although today we have central heating systems to make our homes comfortable in the colder seasons, fireplaces were the sources of heat that people had in cabins. They still have an unreproducible magic about them because of the way the warm flames flicker and crackle. The fragrance of a fireplace is another feature that can make your home feel remarkably cozy. Furthermore, the structure of the fireplace gives you plenty of potential to adorn a room with the aforementioned stone and metal materials. So, it makes sense to center your living room arrangements around a fireplace. You might already have one that just needs some redecorating on the mantel, or you may want to carry out a more extensive renovation to make it into a fully cabin-like focal point. Either way, you should set chairs to face towards the fireplace so that you can draw attention to it. A table can stand aligned in front of it as well to further this effect.

Ornament Your Spaces With Warm Lighting

You’ll be receiving some degree of illumination from a fireplace, but you can make your home feel even more visually pleasing with other sources of light. For instance, you can put candles on the mantle, as well as various tables and countertops for quieter glowing accents there. The candles themselves are also appropriate for injecting small doses of color that stray away from the dominating browns and grays that you’re using. Although it may be impractical to entirely eschew your electrical lighting fixtures, you can blend them seamlessly with their surroundings with some attention to their form and materials. Chandeliers and rustic metal pendant lights that hang down from chains are strong choices that lean into the older or more remote lifestyle of cabin dwellers. You’ll retain an unmistakably warm ambiance in your home when you use these.

Use Heavy, Snug, and Rugged Fabrics

Being intentional with the fabrics you include is essential as you learn how to decorate your home to feel like a cozy cabin. Think heavy, snug, and rugged textiles such as wool knits and flannel. This will have interesting textures that enhance a room’s dimension and also feel pleasant to the touch. Chunky woven blankets and rugs are your home’s versions of soft, comfortable sweaters. Likewise, flannel blankets and upholstery have brushed surfaces that trap in heat to make your otherwise cold wooden and leather furniture perfect for lounging in on a chilly afternoon. If you’re trying to integrate color-based patterns into your interior spaces, you can also find plaid fabrics in several different material compositions. For even more pattern embellishments, look to weighty quilts and Southwestern-style rugs in darker tones. Going for darker colors will help them to intermingle with the arboreal air of your cabincore pieces without leaning too far into light summery or dry desert territories.

How To Decorate Your Home To Feel Like A Cozy Cabin