There isn’t a single set pathway to imparting a home with a luxurious air. However, certain decorative elements radiate extravagance. These can often transcend disparate styles, provided you implement them discerningly. One example of this is velvet. Velvet has a soft surface covered in an even, thick pile and can exhibit an exceptional depth of color. Traditionally, its unique properties tied it with the aristocracy. In more recent times, designers have similarly utilized it to convey lushness. These are some ways to add velvet to your home.

Velvet Throw Pillows

Throw pillows truly are ideal for testing out various stylistic features without needing to deal with a high barrier of entry. You can easily find pillows or pillow coverings that you can switch in and out in a room; their relatively small size means that they won’t overpower the rest of your décor. With velvet throw pillows, you can take advantage of the plush look and feel of velvet without needing to spend a fortune. Velvet is flexible enough to work well in laid-back neutral hues or richer accent colors that bring a spark of warmth to a sofa or bed. There are velvet throw pillows with plain faces and others that possess some embellishments, giving you lots of options as to what direction you want to take with them as well.

Velvet Drapery

There are also velvet curtains that you can purchase to bring attention to your home’s vertical spaces. If you find a variety that hangs from ceiling to floor, you can enhance the impact of velvet’s inherent opulence even further. Besides working to cover up your windows as needed, large velvet curtains can give your walls a cozy visual weight. With curtains, you should typically stick to solid-colored designs. This allows the velvet’s texture and coloration to take center stage. Though the hue that you select will depend on the room’s color palette, keep in mind that deep blues, wine reds, forest greens, and dark grays and browns will often play the most to velvet curtains’ strengths.

Velvet Seating

Upholstery fabric presents yet another way to add velvet to your home. A sofa or chair clothed in velvet fabric is likely a natural image your mind conjures when you think of luxury. Once you have a professional transform a formerly dull piece of furniture with velvet, you’ll find that the comfort and attractiveness of the room will tangibly rise. Similar to velvet drapery, you can use unadorned velvet upholstery fabric to tastefully improve a space. With neutral colors, velvet can bring a subtle tactility to a large sofa. At the same time, velvet fabric can work just as well in cheerful hues, such as teal, pink, and mustard yellow when you want to produce a contrast with, for instance, a smaller chair.