The living room can determine much of your home’s atmosphere because it is such a dominant space. As a result, you should seek to keep it orderly. This way, you can better work to craft it into an artful display of your personal style since clutter won’t be marring its potential. Take these home design tips for an organized living room into consideration to prevent the space from falling into unintended disarray.

Maintain Décor Alignment

A small but effective point to keep in mind when you’re aiming for greater neatness in your home is to make sure to maintain item alignment. Over time, your décor pieces may sit or stand slightly off-kilter. In some cases, you might stagger objects or arrange them in somewhat unbalanced positions on purpose. But often, these irregularities are not actually a part of your intended design.

In such cases, you should survey your living room and take a moment to straighten everything out. You might put throw pillows back where you want them on chairs or refold blankets. Smaller accessories, such as indoor plants, sculptures, and picture frames, might also call for some attention. When you add new pieces, you should always keep their relative alignment with existing pieces in mind as well. You may be surprised at the difference this makes.

Acquire Storage Furniture

Sometimes, the main culprit behind a muddled space is a lack of storage. This problem is often most prominent in the living room because there usually aren’t large closets directly attached to it. You can add shelves or drawers to give miscellaneous possessions a place to sit when they’re not in use. Doing this can help you clear up the surfaces of tables and other furniture, so they appear cleaner. If you have a large collection of books and magazines, leaving shelves exposed is fine, as those items can contribute to the look of your living room.

However, if you want to achieve a truly sleek aesthetic, you should choose furniture that encloses items with doors or pull-out compartments and bins. There are plenty of special tables and chairs on the market that have hidden storage compartments. These will help you gain better control over clutter, as you can set aside designated areas for all your belongings that won’t affect the look of the living room whatsoever.

Decorate the Walls

Having too many items can make your living room feel cramped and chaotic. This is why many recommend eliminating all pieces barring the bare essentials when you’re seeking a clean style. The issue with this is that you might not be able to express yourself as much as you want to since you must forego most accessories. A home design tip for an organized living room that can act as a solution to this is to decorate the walls. If you confine your adornments to the two-dimensional plane, you won’t be at risk of overcrowding the space. You can try hanging up oversized prints or paintings to make your living room more intriguing. Wallpaper décor can also become an element of fascination if it introduces spirited colors, patterns, imagery, or textures. It’s possible to cover all the walls with wallpaper or choose to dress a single wall as an accent.