When winter comes around, you likely spend more time within your home, shielded from the cold air and harsh weather. Current circumstances have amplified this because many people are working remotely and no longer leave the home for extended periods of time. Thus, the overall appearance and mood that your décor creates becomes more important than ever. You want to wake up to tasteful surroundings that serve to improve your mindset and ease stress as you go about your daily tasks. At the same time, when it’s time to relax, you want to feel warmth and softness. Achieve your ideal aesthetic with these interior design tips for crafting a cozy home.

Add Throw Pillows and Blankets Throughout the Home

Adding throw pillows and blankets is an easy way to instantly make your home more comfortable. Pillows provide cushioned plushness and come in a myriad of styles. Pile large numbers of pillows onto your sofas, chairs, and bed to create inviting presentations that beckon you to recline in them. Since you’re multiplying the pillow quantity, you should aim to combine dissimilar—yet harmonizing—colors, patterns, and textures to enhance your rooms’ looks. Use the color palette that your other pieces follow to determine the appropriate hues for your pillows. As for pattern and texture, you can add a pillow here and there that introduces a completely new element or that calls back to a design motif that exists elsewhere in the room.

Blankets are larger than pillows, so you may generally place only one or two on any given piece of furniture. However, the style considerations for matching them with the room are more or less the same. They’re perfect for giving a space some extra weight and interesting texture through the use of knitted patterns.

Anchor Arrangements with High-Pile and Layered Rugs

Rugs can clothe an otherwise hard floor to make it more pleasant to walk on. Furthermore, they anchor the seats and tables that they sit beneath by visually connecting the individual pieces via their shared contact with the rugs. For maximal coziness, you may place down high-pile rugs or layer two or more flatter varieties together. High-pile rugs are exceptionally downy to the touch and their long fibers trap in warm air, making them perfect for the colder months. Layering multiple rugs can also alleviate the rigidity you feel on bare flooring. You can use both high-pile and wool rugs to give a room some needed depth. Joining rugs with differing patterns, materials, and colors will draw the eye in.

Spread Warm Supplemental Lighting Around Rooms

Most of the time, you want lights to shine as brightly as possible to illuminate your rooms at night and on overcast days. Lights can function to spread warmth to your home as well. When you light small candles or obtain a fireplace, you’ll cast a pleasant glow on your living space that stands distinct from the light given off by electric bulbs. Often, the flames burn in yellows, oranges, and reds that convey a sense of wellbeing when you contrast them against the frigid blues, whites, and grays that dominate the winter landscape outside. Moreover, their flickering and amorphous movements are livelier than completely static bulbs.

You can relax in contentment by enjoying the heat emanating from candles or a fireplace while using them as constructive aspects of your décor. Candles exist in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes that you can coordinate as accessories. To install or redesign a fireplace is a complicated undertaking. However, the stone, brick, and metal materials that you can find them in exude a luxuriousness that may make the effort well worth it.

Clean Up Disorganized and Stress-Inducing Clutter

Sometimes, attaining comfort in your home requires you to take away items instead of adding more. This becomes necessary when you notice that your spaces are starting to feel cluttered. Whether there are piles of papers around your desk, magazines and mail on tables, or items that haven’t been returned to their drawers, you should take the time to clean up. Maintaining order in this way can decrease the amount of distractions you experience throughout the day and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the mess. In turn, you’ll find rest in your home when you need it.

You should be able to sit down on any chair and use any table without needing to sweep away random belongings and trash every time you attempt to do so. If you have trouble with this, invest in beautiful storage containers and furnishing that contain hidden storage compartments. You can then stow objects out of sight that would normally generate disarray in your home.

Cover Furniture with Soft Upholstery Fabric

While throw pillows and blankets do bring substantial softness to furniture on their own, you may still feel uncomfortable if the furniture itself is cold and firm. Should you want to improve the sensation that your sofas and chairs give off when you sit in them, you can cover them with soft upholstery fabric. Select natural fibers over synthetics for this purpose, as they usually provide superior coziness. Examples of ideal materials include cotton, silk, and wool. The latter option is particularly preferrable during winter because of how warm it can be.

Fabric types that feature textured surfaces—such as velvet and chenille—are strong choices because they possess the same heat-retaining qualities that high-pile rugs do. These may come in various material compositions, so make sure to check what the manufacturer has created them from before committing to a purchase. Once you have a desired fabric in mind, contact a professional who can affix it to your furniture skillfully. They’ll have the expertise to do so without making detrimental mistakes.

Take these interior design tips for crafting a cozy home to heart as you determine what steps are most relevant to take. If you want designer home décor fabric for your furniture that is comfortable and stylish, contact Decorator’s Best today.

Interior Design Tips for Crafting a Cozy Home