If you’re searching for a way to revitalize your old home, you may be interested in the recent bouclé trend. With this fabric, you can multiply the comfiness of your living spaces while also imparting them with a textural element that is fresh and interesting. Find out how to use bouclé fabric in your home décor with the information that we offer in this post.

What Is Bouclé?

The term bouclé can refer to a certain yarn and fabric. Bouclé yarns have a looped structure, which gives them a characteristically bumpy look and feel. The fabric that they form is similarly nubby and soft, with surface irregularities that result from the many loops that it contains. This creates an appearance that is distinct from the smooth weaves and piled surfaces you may be more familiar with in the homes. Materials may vary greatly—anything from wool and cotton to rayon and viscose can constitute a bouclé item.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

For those that want to ease into the trend, throw pillows and blankets are good places to start. You can find both of these items in bouclé varieties that are easy to place on larger furniture pieces as accents. They can pleasantly contrast with or add to surrounding textures as you seek to increase the cozy tactility of a room. As an example, a bouclé pillow paired with another, flatter-surfaced pillow can bring in added layers of depth to a relatively plain chair. With the bouclé one, you could go with a solid neutral color that lets the texture do the talking while featuring an energetic pattern on the flatter pillow. You could also use similar thinking as you match a bouclé blanket to the piece you drape it on. Pale off-white, cool grays, and deep blacks are popular at the moment with this fabric, though using other colors to better suit an established color palette in your home is also sensible.

Chairs and Sofas

Bouclé furniture upholstery fabric also exists to meet the needs of people who want to dive deeper into an indulgently soft aesthetic. With this, you can have a professional cover single-person chairs, ottomans, and larger sofas to transform their appearances quite drastically. The fabric works well on smaller seats that feature exposed legs and frames. On these, bouclé is adept at forming a satisfying juxtaposition between itself and the hardwood or metal that supports it. It’s equally fitting on sofas and chairs with rounded shapes that play into its texture as well. Again, modest, light hues really let bouclé shine because they place the focus on the multitudes of little loops that protrude from its surface.

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