When selected with care, wallpaper can enhance your home’s aesthetic. Since plain walls are common, using sophisticated patterned or textured wallpaper will help your interior to stand out. Given its potential, you may want to incorporate wallpaper into your decor, but with so many options available from countless companies, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. Here are several top high-end luxury wallpaper brands you should know.


Founded in 1889 by Paris-born Frederic Schumacher in New York, this brand provides Americans with luxury European textiles while also directly collaborating with artists and creating its own designs. Favored by high-profile figures through time—such as America’s pioneering interior decorator Elsie de Wolfe and First Lady Jackie Kennedy—Schumacher has left an indelible cultural mark on the nation. With so much history and relationships with artists, the brand has built an eclectic wallpaper collection that includes everything from bright, Asian-inspired designs to soft-hued geometric and floral patterns.


Scalamandre is a long-established brand in the US. Franca Scalamandre established it as a weaving company in 1929 and quickly found clients that were looking to restore historic homes. This beginning would go on to play an influential role in the brand’s style, as it continued to craft elegant reproductions of older textiles for locations like the White House, the US Capitol, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition, Scalamandre became notable for its famous “Zebras” wallpaper. With a pattern comprised of running zebras and diagonally-flying arrows set to a bold red background, the brand showed that it could delve outside the realm of more traditional designs. Today, you can find a diverse array of textured, simple, elaborate, and immediately striking wallpapers with Scalamandre that blend modern sensibilities with the eternally beautiful motifs of eras past.

Ralph Lauren

The name Ralph Lauren is often associated with luxury fashion, but the company creates home decor as well. In the same vein of its clothing, you can expect a classic and refined style in its wallpaper. The designs make nods to Americana and come in hallmark varieties including damask, floral, striped, and metallic wallpaper. Predominantly, the brand’s wallpapers follow modest color palettes grounded in neutrals and this visual softness plays well with a calm interior ambiance. They are also made in materials such as wool and linen, which lend sumptuous tactility to a part of the room that is more often smooth and unadorned.

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