Your home is a place that you look at every day and can also serve as an outer expression of your personality. It doesn’t make sense, then, to settle for mediocrity when quality aesthetics hold high value to you. Create an interior environment that is sumptuously exceptional by discovering the differences between luxury wallcoverings vs. regular wallpaper. The walls are proportionally large features of your rooms, so you shouldn’t gloss over them when decorating.

Style and Texture

The main points of disparity that you will immediately notice when comparing luxury wallcoverings and regular wallpaper are their distinct levels of style and texture. Designers create luxury wallpaper with great care and make sure that every facet—from the materials to the colors and patterns—radiates artistic flair. Rather than being limited to paper only, luxury wallcoverings may be comprised of woven fabric with visible texture. This elevates the wall’s appearance with added visual depth and subtle intricacy.

In contrast, regular wallpaper can come off as cheap, especially when it is surrounded by high-quality furniture and decorations. The images and hues it includes may be less pleasing or more casual than what you desire. It’s also very rare to find regular wallpaper that is not flat and plain with regard to tactility.


An additional difference between luxury wallcoverings and regular wallpaper can be found in their durability. Due to the fact that luxury wallcoverings are usually thicker than basic paper, they are more resilient than regular wallpaper. Furthermore, luxury wallpaper makers have mastered the art of emulating natural materials, such as exotic leathers. While real animal hides may deteriorate over time, the wallcoverings that possess their unique textures and colors will not. They also still maintain a nearly identical look to their original counterparts, since their manufacturers pay attention to small details.

On the other hand, regular wallpaper is mostly thinner, and it may start to peel off irregularly; this makes your home seem more dilapidated than it truly is. If you go for faux finish wallpapers of average or below-average quality, they may also appear noticeably different from the materials they are imitating.

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