The Pantone Color Institute gives home decorators a chance to experiment with new design choices annually when it releases its anticipated color of the year. This year, Pantone chose two colors simultaneously: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The company seeks to emphasize both strength and optimism through these hues, which are a contrasting pair of bright yellow and cool, medium gray, respectively. Those looking for a way to refresh their home can often find ample inspiration from these colors. Spark your imagination for decorating with Pantone’s colors of the year for 2021.

Floral Designs and Real Plants

You can look to nature for ways to organically integrate the upbeat color Illuminating into your home alongside Ultimate Gray. Floral designs are perfect for this since yellow flowers are a familiar sight in décor pieces. You can acquire bed sheets, throw pillow covers, artwork, and wallpaper that features various yellow flower motifs. Many also include gray as an accompanying hue. Real plants with yellow flowers are also great for accessorizing plain gray counters and tabletops. With the warmer months on the horizon, this can definitely be a fitting move to make.

Punchy Geometric Patterns

If you prefer more sleek designs, you can alternatively incorporate Illuminating and Ultimate Gray by way of punchy geometric patterns. Make a cheerful statement with large, striking yellow and gray triangles and quadrilaterals in geometric wallpaper and rugs. You can also go for playful gray stripes or yellow hexagonal prints that are evocative of a highly organized hive of honeybees. Regardless of the particular shapes you settle on, Illuminating is sure to leave an unmistakable impression on the viewer, while Ultimate Gray keeps a room’s décor in balance with the rest of your home.

Simple, Standalone Accents

Perhaps the least intimidating way to decorate with Pantone’s colors of the year for 2021 is to reserve Illuminating for simple, standalone accents and use Ultimate Gray more generously. Ultimate Gray can readily produce an unassuming air of levity when paired with white, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble bringing it into an already neutral space. Plain gray furniture, appliances, and painted walls can all help form a basic color foundation. With this established, create a focal point by adding in one element in bright yellow. This may be a singular pillow, a hand towel, a chair, a lamp, or even a humble mug. Due to the brilliance of Illuminating, a small, patternless, and relatively inexpensive piece will still emanate the desired positive impression you’re after.