People are working from home now more than ever. As a result, more individuals are looking to brighten up dark spaces that make it difficult for them to concentrate in their new work environments. This article will overview some design tricks to brighten a dark room so you can have a more productive day.

Horizontal Striped Wallpaper

One of the more unique design tricks to brighten a dark room is to add horizontal striped wallpaper to the space. Designer wallpaper will add the energy you need to stay motivated in a dark room. Also, horizontal striped wallpaper will draw the eye upward and add thickness to the wall, giving the space more dimension. You really can’t go wrong with adding this type of wallpaper to a space that’s dying for a little light. Sometimes, paint can make walls look heavy and thick, making them appear darker than they are. Consequently, you should check out our selection of wallpapers to help keep things light and airy.

No Bulky Furniture

In a dark room, you want to absorb every inch of light available. So, ditch bulky furniture like sectionals that take up a lot of room and absorb way too much light. Instead, keep things minimalistic with small furniture that’s light in color. The lighter the furniture is, the lighter the room will feel and the more productive you’ll be.

Paint the Wood

Wood furniture is gorgeous. Yet, sometimes, it can make a room appear darker than it actually is. Think about painting your wood furniture white or another light color to brighten things up. If the wood in your room is very dark, it can also make the space feel smaller. Painting things white will open up the area and make it feel like it’s brand new once again.

There’s nothing harder than trying to stay motivated in a dark room. Luckily, you can follow these design tricks to help lighten up the space and ensure you stay productive. Remember, as surprising as it seems, horizontal striped wallpaper can help a room feel lighter. Take a look at our selection today and get your house ready for the new season ahead.