There’s nothing better than watching the summer sunset from your porch. Many buyers want to be able to do this at their future homes, so they look for houses with porches. Yet, it’s not enough to have a porch. You must try your hardest to get the space to look different from others on the market. If you need some help in that area, read about these porch trends that add curb appeal.

Start With the Door

Everything starts at the front door. It’s one of the first impressions that people get of a home, so it needs to look spectacular. Consider updating it if you haven’t in a while. Start by choosing a bold paint color that separates you from other listings. People will be saying, “Yes, let’s put an offer on the house with the red door.” Don’t forget to update the hardware, either. Make sure the knobs and locks are all brand-new, so you really stick out in peoples’ minds.

Upgrade Your Porch Seating

People want to see more than just two chairs on a porch. Remember, they want to picture themselves watching the sunset on a summer’s night. It’s your job to create that ambiance for them. Begin by buying outdoor fabric online at Decorator’s Best. We have all the prints and styles you need to make your porch pop. Plus, our fabrics are durable and can withstand a little wear and tear.

Once you have the fabric of your dreams, think about furniture; porches are all about comfort! Consider getting plush furniture that people wouldn’t mind relaxing in after a hard day.

Screen It In

Another porch trend that adds curb appeal is screening it in. Not everyone can use an outdoor porch all year round, depending on where they live. So, think about working with a highly skilled contractor to get the screened-in porch you’ve always wanted. The mesh fabric should have no rips in it and should be thick enough to keep out bugs.

Decorator’s Best wants to help you have the summer of your dreams on your porch. We have tons of fabrics that’ll make your porch looking stunning and are durable at the same time. Your porch will be the ultimate hangout space this season. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have!