Minimalism is overrated. If you want a room to send a message, you need to add some depth to the design. Here’s how to add depth to your room with scenic wallpaper and other ideas. If you follow this advice, you’ll create a design that people won’t stop talking about.

Scenic Wallpaper

One way to add depth to your room is by using scenic wallpaper. Solid-colored walls are incredibly one-dimensional. So, if you want things to look unique, you should add some scenic wallpaper to the design. You can place wallpaper in one spot for an accent wall, or you can mix and match throughout the room to create multiple areas that draw the eye.

Window Treatments

The right window treatments can help a room feel bigger. When windows are bare, they throw off the entire aesthetic. You can add some dimension to the space by selecting the right window treatments. If you want the room to feel more luxurious, think about using window treatments with thicker fabrics made out of plush materials. Remember that your window treatments don’t have to match your scenic wallpaper. You can create a more interesting design by contrasting what’s on the wall.

Throw Pillows

Another tip on how to add depth to your room is to add throw pillows. Whether you’re decorating a couch or a bed, throw pillows will create dimension and make the area pop. This is a unique opportunity to add some color to the room, as well. Perhaps pull some shades from your scenic wallpaper to use in the pillows. This coordination will help tie the room together.

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