Your home office space may not be a place of leisure, but it can still benefit from decorating. With a more pleasant backdrop surrounding you as you work, you’ll be able to simultaneously stay motivated while also avoiding falling victim to stress. What kinds of changes will benefit you effectively without becoming too distracting, though? To answer that question, we recommend these simple décor updates for your home office.

Add in Plant Life

Plants are a welcome addition in homes of all styles and they also do well in office rooms. This is because seeing plant life throughout the day can invigorate your mind when you would otherwise experience lulls in thinking. Just as a corporate office that consists exclusively of grays and rectangular shapes can feel cold and dismal, a home office that is similarly barren can also become suffocating. Plants add a dose of form variation and some cheerful hues to the space. Since there are so many species to choose from, you have the flexibility to bring in standing plants, small potted plants for your desk or windowsill, and even hanging plants. Succulents are popular because they’re quite easy to care for, needing less water to thrive. They also come in many interesting shapes, reminiscent of organic sculptures that will enrich your office décor.

Introduce Interesting Shelves

Too often, people go for the plain furniture pieces in their home offices, as these are safe and ubiquitous in stores. However, this can get bleak in a working environment. Introducing interesting shelves will help the room to give off a more upbeat mood, though. Correspondingly, when you work within it, you’ll feel more productive and positive throughout the day. Shelves make nice flourishes in offices because they serve the practical function of holding books, documents, and supplies in an organized manner and within easy reach. At the same time, they’re also perfect for placing your plants, decorative accessories, and pictures. Depending on your home’s overall aesthetic, you can utilize sleek wall shelves or traditional wooden standing shelves. The former can transform a wall into a suspended series of cubicles, while the latter will impart an intellectual heft to the room.

Put Up Designer Wallpaper

An additional simple décor update for your home office is to put up designer wallpaper. Wallpaper is a useful tool to take advantage of because it can instantly establish a motif and color scheme in the room without taking up more space and contributing to clutter. There are limitless potential options as to the specific design that you go for as well. If you love plants and a quaint, homey style, you could use floral wallpaper. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep things visually smooth and orderly, a geometrically patterned may be a good choice. For those who want to remain more subtle with their walls, solid-colored designer wallcoverings also exist. These can serve as sources of unassuming texture while also allowing you to have a color that you find pleasant in your office space. No matter what you settle on, you’ll feel more delighted to work in your home office because of its new charm.