Unlike plain paint, wallpaper can make your home’s vertical surfaces appear more complex and artful. With this benefit comes the need for greater care when selecting accompanying decorative elements. If you don’t pay enough attention, you can easily create an unappealing clash. Since they hang directly adjacent to your walls, we’ll discuss how to coordinate your window treatments and wallpaper with the following points.

Select Neutral Window Treatments

A straightforward method for stylishly combining wallpaper and window treatments is to select neutral window treatments. Shades of brown or gray, as well as black and white will pair well with your wallpaper no matter what colors or patterns it features. For an elevated look that doesn’t stray too far into the realm of the prosaic, you can consider the materials in your window treatments. Wood and bamboo will show natural textures and rich hues that breathe life into simplistic designs without competing with wallpaper for attention.

Match Colors Between Them

Once you decide on a particular wallpaper or window treatment, you can select the other by matching colors between them. To illustrate, you might use damask wallpaper that includes blue and yellow patterns on a light gray background. You could then seek out rolling shades or flowing curtains that feature one or more of these colors. This match creates compatibility, and neither element will seem incongruous when placed next to the other in a room. Still, you should choose which of the two you want to appear bolder to avoid an overbearing arrangement.

Use Similar Patterns

Using similar patterns is another technique for coordinating your window treatments and wallpaper. You can repeat certain shapes in your wallpaper within the window treatments to provide a sense of cohesion. If your wallpaper utilizes geometric shapes, you could purchase window treatments that also incorporate straight lines and ordered symmetry. If it is more traditional, you may repeat similar floral or intricately curved patterns in the window treatments. To prevent them from looking too alike and losing the shape of your windows, choose patterns in different proportions.