Whether you’re spending time sitting in your living room or your backyard patio, you want to have furniture and decorations that are comfortable and elegant. With that said, you will need to make different considerations for your fabrics based on how you plan to use each piece of furniture. Some fabrics may fit with your style, but they may be susceptible to damage when you place them outside. Know the difference between indoor and outdoor fabrics so you can keep your décor looking attractive no matter where it is in or around your home.

Indoor fabrics

Indoor fabrics are likely the variety you are more accustomed to. These materials may contain natural materials, such as cotton, silk, or wool, or synthetic fibers like polyester. Since your indoor fabrics are designed with the protection of your home’s roof and walls in mind, you have a plethora of options to choose from. The various materials and methods of coloring and weaving together indoor fabrics can give them all kinds of appearances. Some may be smooth with subtle sheens, while others might be more textured. You can also find fabrics with artful prints and complex patterns. What most luxurious indoor fabrics have in common, though, is that they are soft. The side effect of this is that they are less durable and may become ruined due to water, direct sunlight, or abrasion.

Outdoor fabrics

The differences between indoor and outdoor fabrics all arise from the fact that outdoor fabrics will survive well in rougher conditions. Since they must resist deterioration from weather, outdoor fabrics are mostly comprised of synthetic materials that manufacturers solution dye. This method of dying causes the colors to bond chemically with the threads so they will not wear away as easily. Along with this, many outdoor fabrics contain UV stabilizer chemicals to prevent fading. Outdoor fabrics may also include other chemicals on their surfaces that make them water-repellant, which serves to fend off rain and liquid stains. These characteristics make them suitable for open-air areas and places within the home that receive high traffic. You can indeed lower your furniture’s maintenance needs by covering it with outdoor fabric. Advances in technology have also made it possible to create quite soft synthetic fibers. Still, outdoor fabrics may sometimes feel slightly harder than their indoor counterparts.

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