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Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Paint

Why Wallpaper Is Better Than Paint

  • Denyse Salvador

There are two chief routes you may go down when seeking to cover your home’s walls: painting and putting up wallpaper. While the former is widespread because it can make walls into neutral facets of the home that fade inoffensively into the background, wallpaper has its own advantages over paint as well. We draw attention to why wallpaper is better than paint through three of its strengths.

High Durability

Paint may give off a smooth, clean appearance, but it’s also liable to show imperfections easily. A scrape or small bump from furniture, people, and miscellaneous household objects can scratch off, discolor, and chip the paint. Against the otherwise plain surface, those flaws will stand out disagreeably and you’ll need to repaint them to return the room to its former state.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, will remain unchanged when it experiences small knocks, as modern materials are highly durable. Furthermore, if a mark should appear on your wallpaper, you can often effortlessly wipe them off.

Style Variety

Unlike paint, wallpaper offers a much greater variety in terms of the styles that you can choose from. You can select patterns and colors in wallpaper that are simple or complicated, soft or bold, traditional or contemporary, and elegant or quirky. There are also textured wallpapers that imitate material finishes and wallpapers that come in solid colors with tasteful woven surfaces.

No matter what your visual leanings are, you can find a wallpaper design here at Decorator’s Best that will appeal to you. Since they all have an additional element of interest when compared to paint, they’ll also help you to bring more personality to your home.

Ease of Application

Both paint and wallpaper require careful preparation and installation. However, wallpaper can be less extensive when your walls are already smooth. In this case, you can proceed directly to applying it. The largest difficulty with wallpaper is aligning it with your walls’ edges. With paint, there several more consideration to make. For one, you must fill in small holes, cracks, and nails because these will show through. Moreover, you need to mask the walls’ borders so that you don’t create unwanted marks when you accidentally paint over them. Even as you paint, it will take several coats before you get your desired look. All these factors make painting much more involved and time-consuming, ultimately showing why wallpaper is better than paint.