When you’ve had a furniture piece for a long time, you might immediately think of finding an entirely new replacement for it. However, you may find it more advantageous to keep the piece and give it a facelift. Perhaps that furnishing is a valuable antique or an item passed down within your family. It may also simply possess a high-quality construction that would go to waste if you threw it out. In these instances, reupholstering your furniture may be a better path to take. When is the right time to perform this process, though? You’ll be able to tell by looking for these signs it’s time to reupholster your furniture.

Undesirable Style

The popular styles of particular years can be relatively fleeting as trends come and go. Individually, people’s preferences can also change over time. Due to the fluid nature of aesthetic inclinations, you may grow weary of furniture that once highly appealed to you. In addition, you may come to acquire furniture that appears outdated. There may not be any objective fault in the furniture, but its undesirable style can warrant a reupholstering. You can change the outer fabric on the piece to appear more in line with your current sensibilities.

Visible Damage

Years of brushing against and bumping into furniture can result in a weakening of its fibers. You may have children or pets who might roughhouse or tear at it as well. All those small sources of abrasion can add up and give your furniture a worn appearance. You don’t want your home to appear more chaotic than it is due to neglected and tattered décor. Therefore, if there’s any conspicuous damage to the furniture’s surface, you should reupholster it to revive it.

Decreased Comfort

Sitting on your sofa or chair naturally deteriorates its cushioning as the material inside the seat becomes compressed. The declined state of that inner material will give your furniture an unkempt look characterized by wrinkles, drooping, and lumps. Moreover, you may notice a decrease in your furnishing’s comfort whenever you sit on it. These are definitive signs it’s time to reupholster your furniture. In this case, you can exchange the old padding and the fabric so that your piece gives off a fresh impression with regard to both sight and feel.

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