Wallpaper is beneficial when you’re updating your home. If you’re uncertain about what style to go with, try one of these top modern wallpaper trends.

When your home needs a décor revival, you might think about making alterations to the walls to shift the entire mood of your rooms. However, such a vast assortment of wallpaper styles exists that you may have trouble singling out one for a particular space in your home. You might also feel wary of selecting wallpaper that looks nice in your mind but that winds up detracting from your furniture and other pieces. If you’re completely new to wallpaper or you don’t have much of an inkling on what aesthetic direction to take, you can take inspiration from these top modern wallpaper trends to try today.


Once relegated to the realms of obsolescence, chintz is making a comeback in wallpaper. This style is characterized by colorful floral imagery set to a light pale beige or off-white background. Originally, the term “chintz” only described textiles, but over time, its usage spread to include other materials that share its motifs, such as wallpaper. Feature chintz wallpaper in your home to make a reference to the interior design sensibilities of the past and to bring familiarity and warmth to a room. You may accompany it with similarly vintage-inspired items or mix in more modern furniture to highlight the wallpaper through contrast.

Geometric Patterns

Since so many homes currently embrace minimalistic composition, it makes sense that geometric patterns are among the top modern wallpaper trends to try. Straight lines, symmetry, and the use of only a few colors are shared characteristics among geometric wallpapers. These fit in well with the orderliness of simple lamps, desks, tables, and chairs that are themselves free of winding and ornate embellishments. Since a contemporary home can become too austere if it leans heavily on true minimalism, geometric patterns on the walls add a point of interest without jarring the viewer.

Textured Styles

For a more understated option, you may look to textured wallpaper as your preferred style. Textured wallpapers often don’t have any pictures or shapes, yet they remain stimulating because of the visible unique marks on their surface. An observer can see the interlocking of the threads or fibers within them, which are reminiscent of fabric. The weaving may be highly ordered, more irregular, or even radial in nature. Some textured wallpapers also have mosaic appearances. For creating a calm, organic environment in the home, this style is an apt choice.

Whichever trend you may want to try, the collection of designer wallpaper at Decorator’s Best will cover your needs. Peruse our many offerings today, and contact us if you have any questions.