While a large part of decorating a room is the furniture you place in it, your walls can also have a substantial effect on its aesthetic. Many people rely on paint to cover their walls in a solid color, but you can go a step further by using wallpaper in specific areas of the home. With it, you can introduce complex patterns, playful imagery, and subtle dimension to a room. You may even find a draw in certain the ability of wallpapers to hide blemishes and shrug off potential stains. With a multitude of options to sort through, though, you may find it useful to know these tips for choosing the perfect wallpaper for your room.

Think About Your Room’s Style

No matter how enthralling a particular wallpaper is to you, if it is not consistent with the style of the room you want to update, it will not be able to live up to its full potential. Before losing yourself in a catalog of random wallpaper designs, you should narrow down your options by contemplating what would fit organically into your room. Maybe you have traditional furniture, complete with a Persian rug and ornate moldings around doorways. In this case, you should seek wallpaper that will match this style, such as French toile wallpaper that depicts plants, animals, and pastoral life in eighteenth-century France, making it suitable for the European sensibilities of a traditionally decorated home.

Know How You Will Use It

Some wallpapers will work pleasantly in specific applications but will seem out of place in others. As such, you should know how you will use your wallpaper before settling on one. Are you going to revitalize all the walls in a room? If so, you may want to select an understated design that serves to bolster the beauty of other, punchier pieces by forming a stable color base for them. On the other hand, you may want to adorn a single accent wall or fill in the empty space above a simple chair rail molding. Since you are covering less surface with your wallpaper, you can choose busier or brighter patterns and hues that draw attention. For example, Chinese wallpaper, brimming with energetic floral patterns alongside pictures of birds, dragons, and traditional architecture, will act like an art piece that brings interest to the room.

Use Patterns To Your Advantage

A useful tip for choosing the perfect wallpaper for your room is to use patterns to your advantage. Though we may desire flawlessness in our home’s interior, small imperfections on the walls may exist here and there. To obscure them, you can put up a textured wallpaper that has a uniform woven look or an irregular appearance that imitates natural materials like stone and wood. You can also make up for a room’s spatial shortcomings or highlight its strengths with wallpaper. Patterns with vertical arrangements can make a room feel taller and more energetic, while horizontally organized patterns give a room width and tranquility. Reflect on what your room needs to guide your decisions on wallpaper.