As you decorate your backyard patio, you may want to complete the look of individual furniture pieces with upholstery. Given the open-air environment that you’ll place them in, however, you should make special considerations to ensure that you’ll be able to maintain their tasteful appearance over time. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect outdoor fabric that you can employ in your decision-making process.

Consider the Fabric’s Durability

You might not do much more than sit in your outdoor furniture, but with the many hours you may spend lounging there and the get-togethers you may host for friends and family in the future, your fabric should be durable. You want to have an impeccable presentation and prevent possible tearing from occurring. Thus, you should consider how hardy a fabric is before settling on it. Since you can expect it to come into contact with the elements, look for water and UV-resistant properties that will prevent the fabric from weakening or fading prematurely as well. 

To best understand the differences between solution dyed fabrics and indoor/outdoor fabrics, think of a carrot which has color all the way through it, and a radish which only has color on the outside. Solution dyed fabrics are made of synthetic yarn that is dyed all the way through it. The color will last for many years in bright sunlight and it is water resistant.  Indoor/outdoor fabrics are made of yarn that has color on the outside. The color will last for a few years in moderate sunlight and it is water repellent.

Choose an Appropriate Pattern

Make call backs to the nature that surrounds your furniture by choosing appropriate patterns. For a yard bordered by a forest or otherwise enclosed in a profusion of plant life, you might seek out fabrics with earth tones or which include leaves or flowers.

In a coastal setting, you could go for a nautical theme using blue and white striped fabrics or other textiles that include clearer representations of the ocean. Without walls to hang up pictures and art, this tip for picking the perfect outdoor fabric will allow you to include some degree of personality to your patio without anything feeling incongruous.

Find Fabric That Is Easy to Clean

The wind blows dirt and debris around your yard without having anything to stop it. Couple this with morning dew, precipitation, and splashing from nearby bodies of water, and it’s easy to see how your upholstery fabric can quickly become soiled. To diminish the negative consequences of these unavoidable factors, you should find fabric that is relatively easy to clean. Ideally, you’ll want fabric which you can brush filth off of without much trouble and spot clean with common household products to treat stains.

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