You can integrate wallpaper into your home décor in a wide assortment of ways, but you do need to proceed mindfully with it to produce the chic effect that you want. Since wallpaper can take up such a large portion of a room, you should plan out the details associated with its application thoroughly. Additionally, it’s vital to consider the appearance of the furniture and decorations in your home that’ll sit alongside it. Our tips for decorating with wallpaper will aid you.

Consider Where You’ll Place It

Start out by considering where you’ll place the wallpaper in the room specifically. You could cover all the walls there and have the wallpaper essentially act like paint. If you’re using a busier design, you may alternatively decide to put the wallpaper on a singular wall as an accent. Some homes have chair rails that segment their walls into upper and lower halves in certain spaces. When working with these, you could apply wallpaper exclusively on either the top or bottom, on both, or you can have different wallpapers within the two sections. Remember, the ceiling is also a viable candidate for wallpaper decorating. Once you know the spot where you want the wallpaper to be, it’ll be easier for you to envision the final look.

Control Pattern Abundance

One of wallpaper’s main draws is it can possess unique patterns that would otherwise be off-limits for you walls due to complexity and size. However, when selecting a wallpaper pattern, you must consider the overall abundance of patterns in the room. In a setting where you already have a boldly patterned rug, sofa, and/or pillows, adding conspicuous wallpaper can lead to chaotic overstimulation. Patterns should enhance the space by supporting other, simpler elements or drawing the gaze as standout facets of the room. When you have few patterns elsewhere, feel free to go loud with the wallpaper. If not, you can play with subtler designs that have fewer colors in more muted tones. With these, you might vary texture instead of having overt lines and shapes.

Now you know some tips for decorating with wallpaper, you can start looking for a suitable design that will enhance your home. Browse the offerings here at DecoratorsBest today. We have a diverse assortment of styles, from Boho to Chinese wallpaper.